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We are a team of water damage restoration professionals who are dedicated to providing you comprehensive cleanup services through compassion, integrity, and knowledge.

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With immediate action we can help prevent permanent damage to your home and furnishings. Our technicians are certified in Water Damage Restoration with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC). When disaster strikes, you need a team of professionals to get your home or business back to normal, quickly and effectively. With 24-hour emergency response, we provide water extraction and drying promptly and professionally.  …read more about our process ➜ 

Flooding caused by leaking pipes, overflows, basement leaks, or broken appliances can cause water damage that requires emergency flood cleanup in order to prevent mold, mildew, or permanent water damage to hardwood flooring and wet carpet.

FAQs ➜

What’s the most common reason for home flooding?

Most people are surprised to hear that most of the flood cleanup that we do here at Flood Fighters is not caused by groundwater and rain. Although we do see a fair amount of this type of water damage, by far the most frequent causes are related to plumbing. ...

Traverse Bay Area Task Force on Hoarding

Traverse Bay Area Task Force on Hoarding    Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. This disorder is estimated to effect 3-5% of the population.  A person with hoarding disorder...

How to Dry Wet Flooring

How to Dry Wet Flooring Comprehensive water damage mitigation can be a complex job that requires an experienced team with knowledge and resources to fully address. Consider this as just a quick reference guide:   Call a restoration company who is certified with...

Long Term Water Damage

Long Term Water Damage    Unless you're an arborist or into restoring old wooden boats, water and wood usually don't mix well. Hardwood flooring, cabinets, framing, and other porous components of the home, after being exposed to water, will begin to absorb moisture...

How to Cleanup After Hoarding

How to Cleanup After Hoarding    Cleaning up after hoarding can seem like an overwhelming task. In our experience, the most successful results come from the help and support provided by family and friends. Flood Fighters has helped dozens in our community with...

Follow the Light

Finding the Source of the Problem: Along with our noses and some deductive reasoning,  the UV light has proved to be a very helpful tool in tracking down bad odors. The UV light highlights the urine trails on the floor, allowing us to track down potential rodent hot...

How to Clean Up Mold

Let's start with what NOT to do when you find mold in your home. Please follow these precautions before you put you or your loved ones at risk: Do NOT tear out mold contaminated building materials without proper containment and protective gear. Do NOT paint over mold....

Cleaning Soot Residue from Furniture

When it comes to cleaning up after smoke and fire damage, the number one recommendation we can give to home owners is to not do it yourself. As much as I love offering DIY tips for cleaning, smoke damage restoration is a tricky business. The big thing to keep in mind...

Bat Dropping (Guano) Cleanup for Barn Renovation

This was a great project to get to be a part of. There was extensive amounts of droppings from years of bat habitation in this beautiful Leelanau County barn. The guys did a great job working through all the cracks to clean, disinfect and deodorize to prep for future...

Water Damage Prevention

While most cases of interior water damage occur due to dumb (bad) luck, there are a handful of times where some general preventative maintenance could have avoided costly damages. Here's some things to consider if you'd like to avoid the trouble: Familiarize yourself...


Locally owned and operated in Traverse City since 1976, Flood Fighters has been the premier cleaning, disaster and water damage restoration company in Northern Michigan for over 40 years.


Fully licensed and insured, our team of restoration specialists are also certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (lICRC). We have extensive training in all aspects of cleaning and restoration and we strive to remain up to date with the latest procedures and technologies.


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